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Vyykn Inc.

Vyykn Inc.

Vyykn Inc.

Vyykn Mission

Vyykn is a technology manufacturer producing a networked platform for a global drinking water utility. Vyykn blends advanced filtration, elegant database architecture and social media techniques to disrupt the global consumption of packaged drink products. The Vyykn infrastructure and road-map is unique and addresses several global problems; environmental, personal health and consumer trust.

Vyykn Products

Vyykn systems have a very unique and high-tech design. Vyykn systems have in-line scientific grade water quality sensors that show, in real-time, water quality data including purity, PH levels and dissolved oxygen levels. Vyykn systems produce several types of water including alkaline, oxygenated, hot water and carbonated. Vyykn is a subscription based business model much like a cell phone subscription… once registered, a subscriber is live on every system worldwide. Vyykn systems have interactive touch-screen features such as a bottle sterilizer, environmental data tracking and social media integration.

Vyykn’s Needs

Vyykn came to Robo-jet early during the prototyping stage of their flagship product, the V-MAC. Initially, Vyykn needed their 16ga brushed stainless bezels cut with their logo, PC monitor cut-out and a variety of mounting holes. Said Garrett Carney with Vyykn “our systems are sophisticated and have a futuristic design. We needed perfect front bezel fabrication which is why we went to Robo-jet”.


Robo-Jet’s Approach

For Vyykn, Robo-Jet provided full CAD design assistance to improve final product design and manufacturability. Through this integrated design process, Robo-Jet identified numerous components that could be produced via waterjet cutting thusly improving product design and greatly reducing manufacturing costs.

Robo-jet Results

Starting initially from one component for the V-MAC system, today Robo-Jet produces 23 individual components for the V-MAC machine. According to Gaurav Chauhan with Vyykn “at first we thought we would be adding costs to the system by using waterjet cutting services, as it turned out (with Robo-jet) we reduced our overall COGS (Cost of Goods Sold) by 12% and greatly improved the quality and aesthetics of the system.”

Getting started with Robo-Jet is simple. Just call us and tell us about your product or project. Our designers and engineers will quickly asses how our fabrication capabilities can improve your products and reduce your costs.

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