If you’re looking for a precise, effective way to cut through more rigid metals, you’ll want to consider metal water jet cutting. Also known as waterjet abrasive cutting, this process uses a high-pressure stream of water and abrasive particles to cut through materials.

At Robo-Jet, we specialize in custom water jet cutting. With our state-of-the-art hyper-pressure system, we can cut through several types of metals quickly and efficiently. It is an ideal solution for many industries that require tight tolerances and clean cuts.

Stainless Steel

According to How Stuff Works, waterjets can cut through any material because the water is pressurized into a very thin, jeweled nozzle. The beam stays together and cuts precisely without ever dulling or overheating.

Waterjet cutting is perfect for stainless steel because it doesn’t create heat that could warp the metal. Stainless steel is an alloy of steel, chromium, and nickel. It’s solid and corrosion-resistant, making it ideal for food processing, medical equipment, and construction. Water jet cut stainless steel is often used in food processing because there’s no risk of contamination.

Copper Brass

Copper brass is softer than stainless steel, so the abrasive particles in the water stream do most of the work. Britannica notes brass is a metal made from copper and zinc. It’s malleable yet strong, making it perfect for various applications. Robo-Jet’s steel cutting services can also cut through copper and brass. It results in cleaner, precise cuts with little to no burrs.

The following are some of the most common uses for cut and polished copper brass:

  • Plumbing
  • Electrical wiring
  • Ornamental pieces


Titanium is one of the hardest metals that Robo-Jet’s system can cut. The high-pressure water stream can cut through this metal without leaving a heat-affected zone. You can achieve tight tolerances and clean cuts with our titanium cutting services.

Titanium cut by water jet is used in a variety of things, including:

  • Titanium foil
  • Titanium tubing
  • Titanium plates


Aluminum is another common metal we can cut with our system. It is a softer metal, so the abrasive particles do most of the work. The high-pressure stream water jet cutting aluminum can cut through aluminum without leaving a heat-affected zone. The abrasive particles in the water stream remove aluminum oxide as it cuts, which prevents heat-affected zones and thermal stress cracking.

Mild Steel

Mild steel is one of the most common metals we cut at Robo-Jet. The high-pressure water stream can quickly and effectively cut through this metal. We can also offer different finishes for mild steel, such as a brushed or powder-coated finish.

For example, our steel cutting service can create custom-shaped mild steel parts for various purposes. These include:

  • Machinery
  • Automotive
  • Furniture

When you need to cut metal, there’s only one option

Robo-Jet’s water jet cutting services are perfect for various industries and applications. We can cut through any metal, including stainless steel, copper brass, titanium, aluminum, and mild steel. Our system is precise and effective, and we can offer different finishes for your project.

If you’re interested in seeing what we can accomplish with metal, check out some of the metal projects we’ve completed. Contact us if you have questions or request a quote for your next project.