Robo-Jet uses a CNC controlled waterjet to cut a wide range of raw materials. We utilize the latest cutting technology  to create high-spec (low-tolerance) components. Robo-Jet has one of the most advanced water jet systems available in the market today. Endless capabilities are made available by the Flow (™)  IFB 87K system. Featuring a 87K PSI Hyper-pressure system and a Dynamic waterjet head. Robo-Jet can deliver higher quality parts with a short turnaround time.

Our Values

Our Values

Commitment to our Customers

From initial design consultations through to production, Robo-Jet is committed to providing our customers with white glove customer service. For the Robo-Jet team, that means offering prompt quotes, being transparent about our costs, and offering competitive pricing. Additionally, we don’t require a minimum quantity, which is perfect for customers who are constantly innovating and reinventing their product. If you need knives, machinery components, or decorative pieces for everything from overpasses to city halls, we’ve done it, and are excited to help you tackle your next project. At Robo-Jet, we are dedicated to making sure you are thrilled with your custom project, and will be with you every step of the way.


Woman Owned Business

Robo-Jet is a woman owned business. We take pride of our high standards in both quality and service, which makes Robo-Jet one of the most reliable service providers of waterjet cutting in the industry today.


Robo-Jet is an American manufacturing company based out of Meridian, Idaho. We believe in giving back to our local community by being involved in local projects, but beyond that, we are deeply invested in helping to foster and participate in a large innovator community. Robo-Jet wants to bring people together through unique, amazing ideas.



Quality is central to every piece we make. The Robo-Jet team believes that understanding our customer’s unique project needs is key to ensuring that each product is cut to your specifications and meets our high standards. The precision of our CNC technology and dynamic head waterjet allows for the highest quality end-result with a quick turnaround time; the best of both worlds.

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