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Scandia Manufacturing (formerly Vico), is a leading US manufacturer of commercial saunas and steam rooms. Since 1962, Scandia has been a top national supplier to hotels, universities, fitness clubs and professional sports teams and arenas.

Scandia Products

Scandia manufactures the most innovative and energy efficient products in the sauna and steam industry. From high-efficiency sauna heaters to the revolutionary Advanced Hybrid steam room. With a focus on design and sustainability, Scandia is recognized as the most progressive manufacturer in the industry offering the broadest range of LEED qualified products.

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Scandia’s Needs

Scandia had developed several new products for steam rooms and saunas such as the Powerzone self-cleaning system and the Powersoft automatic water softener. While the electrical/mechanical aspects of the products were designed and tested, Scandia needed to finalize the housing design. According to Jay Perez, Scandia MFG Manager “the products would be placed in potentially humid environments, and being advanced technology, we required a housing design and material selection suitable for the application”. Adding further, “the process was actually quite easy, within 30 minutes, we settled on a stainless steel housing with integrated logo and all the necessary cutouts”.

Robo-jet’s Approach

For Scandia, Robo-jet provided full CAD design assistance to draft final product design including integrated logo and all component mounting holes. Within three days, Scandia began shipping production units to customers. Through working with Scandia, Robo-Jet learned of the breadth of Scandia’s product line. Robo-jet made a site visit to assess the product line and provided a cost-benefit analysis of transitioning the sheet metal fabrication from their current manual process (sheer, punch press…) to full waterjet automation.

Robo-jet Results

According to Ronda Hunsaker, Scandia Mfg financial manager “we looked at our total production burdened costs with our existing processes and found we would reduce our costs by 20% when outsourcing to Robo-Jet. In addition to these savings, our finished product was substantially better quality and due to the water-jet capabilities, we added additional design features that were not possible with our existing equipment”. Adding further, “because of the part nesting process, we also eliminated 95% of our material waste resulting in another 8% cost savings”.
Getting started with Robo-jet is simple. Just call us and tell us about your product or project. Our designers and engineers will quickly assess how our fabrication capabilities can improve your products and reduce your costs.

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