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Water Jet Cutting Glass

Water Jet Cutting Glass

Robo-Jet works on all kinds of specialty water jet projects for unique customers. Specialty work from our clients brings interesting, new challenges; we enjoy this work because at Robo-Jet, we’re problem solvers. Most recently, we cut a specialty project for our Client, Susan Madacsi, an artist and artisan working with steel and glass. For our role, we used our water jet to cut several panes of glass for a custom window installation. The hand-cast texture of the glass meant the z-height for the water jet cutting head was variable. Most materials cut on a water jet have a flat surface. To address that characteristic of this material, as the dynamic cutting head moved along the profile of the cut our operator manually raised and lowered the z-height. For 3D cuts, one would typically program the variable height into the cut file for the machine, but this process is time consuming and costly for a handmade item. Our approach saving time and money allowed us to affordably complete this custom project for our client.

Water Jet Cutting Glass 1

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