What Materials can be cut on a CNC Waterjet Cutter?

What Materials can be cut on a CNC Waterjet Cutter?

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Cut metal, stone, glass, plastic and more!

Robo-Jet’s CNC water jet is an incredibly versatile tool capable of cutting almost any material with precision and quality. While most widely used to cut metal, water jet has the capability to cut a wide range of materials.  Metals cut by our water jet include titanium, Damascus, copper, aluminum and all grades of steel. It can also cut stone, tile, glass, plywood, foam, hard and soft woods, plastic, and composites with precision. We can adjust the speed, abrasive and pressure of the water stream to accommodate almost any material. Different materials require different types of setup. Abrasive flow rates, pump pressure and cutting speed all affect the setup, cut speed and finish of your project. We’ve devised procedures to cut almost any material with precision and quality.

We have machineabilities for all grades of steel, stainless steel, titanium, Damascus, copper, aluminum, and both aerospace and exotic alloys. If you have a material we haven’t cut before on our water jet, we’re more than happy to do a free test for you until we get the edge quality you desire.

In addition to metals, we cut a range of Non-metals. These materials include plywood, hard and soft woods, stone, foam, plastics, glass and composites.

In our experience, we’ve cut all kinds of rubber—multilayer rubber, conveyer belting, rubber gasket material, and more! Soft rubber cuts very quickly on our waterjet, harder rubbers with higher densities have longer cut times, but cut with precision and accuracy all the same. Composite materials like G10, Micarta, Fiberglass, and Carbon fiber typically require multi-pass operations, and can have increased loss due to delamination. We are experienced in cutting these materials and can cut them, however these materials typically have a higher unit cost to cut. Stones such as granite, which have varying density structures can cut, but require special handling and reduced cut speeds.

For more complex materials, give us a call for more information and a quote!

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